Our Brain-forward philosophy

Protecting while Enriching

We have a deep understanding of neurological wellness from preconception to Pre-K, and everything we’ve learned boils down to two things: protecting & enriching. We protect families from what’s unsafe in the world with the safest everyday essentials for baby’s growing brain and body. And we enrich everyday moments by pairing our products with the ideas and activities that elevate those routine moments into powerful opportunities to shape baby’s brain development.

  • The Safety of Routine

    From diaper changes to meal time, nap time to bath time, your daily routine with baby is actually the best framework for engaging in brain-building moments of enrichment. During the predictability of your daily routine, your baby’s nervous system is most calm and open to novel experiences.

  • Our Developmental Philosophy

    Rather than a race to be won, we see development as a dynamic flow where the process matters much more than the milestones. Milestones are to be celebrated, but between each big ‘WOW’ moment of development, there are countless opportunities to create a more connected and resilient brain.

    We’re here to help you make the most of this incredible window of opportunity for your baby’s brain development and to navigate development at your own pace in a way that’s unique to you and your baby. Check out The Wow and The How, our exclusive month-by-month guide to baby's development, backed by today's leading scientific research and pediatric practice.

Our Products

Putting Babies Before Business

Our modern world is driven by convenience, but at what cost? Our babies and our planet deserve better. We are parents, activists, and developmental health experts innovating safe, best-in-class products for a better, cleaner life. From diapers to wipes, skincare to cleaning, we’re pioneering new ways of making babycare that put our babies and their futures first.

  • Fewest Best Things

    We’re focused on bringing the highest-quality, most rigorously designed, and sustainably made essentials to every family. Every choice in our design and manufacturing process is thoughtfully considered to ensure that our essentials simplify living, cut down on clutter, and allow parents to get back to what matters most - connecting with their baby.

  • Third-Party Verified

    Our entire suite of essentials is made to meet the strictest standard for health and transparency developed by a team of chemists and toxicologists at the Environmental Working Group who understand neurotoxin exposure and how to avoid it. We’re the proud pioneers of the first ever EWG VERIFIED diaper. Our diapers are made without 2800+ chemicals and materials linked to health harm, and we rigorously test for safety at every step. 

  • Made to Work

    As we raise the bar on safety and transparency, we never lose sight of making products that work as hard as we do. We’ve scoured the globe for partners that are innovating at the forefront of performance and sustainability so that our essentials always perform when it matters most. 

Our Commitment

Babycare for a Brighter Tomorrow

We’re committed to changing diapers and everything baby, because we know that it is up to us to realize a future that we’re proud to give to our children. We believe that responsibility and innovation are the keys to a cleaner world for the generations to come, and we’re working hand in hand with leaders around the world to make change. 

Father (Ricky) with Toddler
Father (Ricky) with Toddler
  • B Corp Certified

    Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. HealthyBaby is proudly a B-Corp, and we’re accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

  • EU Made & Carbon Neutral

    From our years of experience making products with purpose, we have seen European standards rise to the occasion first. Under the guidelines of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals) in the EU, the sourcing, use, and disclosure of chemicals are tightly restricted to protect consumers and the environment from harm. We scoured the globe for a diaper production partner at the forefront of innovation, safety, and transparency that would deliver on our mission. And we found them - in Europe! Our diapers are made at a carbon-neutral facility that runs on 100% green renewable energy.

  • Plastic Neutral

    Plastic waste has no place in our vision of the future. We embrace our responsibility to clean up the world by eliminating and reducing plastic wherever possible. Our diapers are a Certified Plastic Neutral Product, and we’re not stopping there. Stopping the demand for unnecessary chemicals is not only good for our babies’ brains and bodies, it’s also our duty to protect the natural world.

Development Demystified

Along their own parenting journey, our Founders Shazi and Joe have assembled insights from a community of world-class brilliant minds at the forefront of science and thought leadership around baby’s brain development. With groundbreaking discoveries happening every day in the scientific community, we are committed to providing resources and voices new parents can trust, and feel it’s our obligation to share their knowledge with families everywhere.

Healthynest-210616-Look 14-2898
Healthynest-210616-Look 14-2898
  • The Healthy Baby Show

    Our world has changed so dramatically. Raising a child today requires a different set of tools and information. Our Founder, Shazi, has learned so much from her experience with her own two children and wants to share all the hard-fought wisdom she wishes she knew when she started her family.  For anyone with questions about what the latest research says about raising a healthy and connected baby in today’s world  — this podcast is for you

  • Our Brain Trust

    Meet the best and brightest experts on the cutting edge of maternal and infant health, mental health, developmental neurobiology, and enrichment. From developmental pediatricians to neurologists, OBGYNs to doulas, we’ve distilled the wisdom from our community of experts for you.

Our Founding Story

To do big things, you have to dream big

We are relentlessly dedicated to the neurological well-being of our own children and want to share everything we’ve learned along the way so that your baby and your family can be happy, healthy, and connected.

  • Story of Shazi & Joe

    Inspired by our son and daughter, we connected the dots. We saw the need for an ecosystem of knowledge, care, and vision paired with action and innovation. We believe we change the world one family at a time when we all improve health and developmental health outcomes. By combining forces with all those that cared for our son, and helped us on our pre-conception and pregnancy journey with our daughter, we’ve built a village of love and knowledge that we want to share with you. Our purpose is bigger than any one of us, and we are making change so we can have future change-makers!

  • Zane & Asha

    Our journey started in 2003 when I founded Happy Family Organics to provide safe clean food to our babies as the foundation for health. I led it to become the largest and fastest-growing organic baby brand in the U.S. During this time, we embarked on our parenting journey and learned personally that children today face even deeper health challenges. 

    Beyond food alone, we learned there is so much more happening in baby’s environment that influences their health. It was the unique experience of our children that led to HealthyBaby. 

    Zane, my oldest, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 after a seemingly typical first 2 years. Zane is now 13, and like the 1 in 6 families whose children are diagnosed with developmental disorders every year, we’re always seeking answers to why these epidemics rage on. 

    Armed with hundreds of research studies and with direct access to the world’s leading obstetricians, developmental pediatricians, neurologists, and environmental biologists, we then had our second beautiful baby, Asha. She is the beneficiary of all of this research, protection, and enrichment, and we want to share it with you. She is healthy, connected, and uniquely empathetic.

  • Shazi Visram

    Shazi is a mother, activist, and inspiring entrepreneur who’s made it her life’s work to give every baby a healthy start in life with the cleanest products possible. She is the pioneering Founder of Happy Baby organic baby food which she grew from her kitchen to a brand we all love that is changing the world.  HealthyBaby is the evolution of her mission to protect and enrich the full potential of every child.

  • Joe Kulak

    Joe is a superhero dad who has taken every step of the journey alongside Shazi and is the wind beneath her wings. As a parent to a child with special needs, Joe deeply understands what it takes to raise children in the world today. He’s made it his mission to share all that he’s learned with new families and bring his unique perspective as a highly engaged dad in a world of increasingly diverse families.

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