Our Brain-forward philosophy

Protecting while Enriching

We have a deep understanding of neurological wellness from preconception to Pre-K, and everything we’ve learned boils down to two things: protecting & enriching. We protect families from what’s unsafe in the world with the safest everyday essentials for baby’s growing brain and body. And we enrich everyday moments by pairing our products with the ideas and activities that elevate those routine moments into powerful opportunities to shape baby’s brain development.

    Our Products

    Putting Babies Before Business

    Our modern world is driven by convenience, but at what cost? Our babies and our planet deserve better. We are parents, activists, and developmental health experts innovating safe, best-in-class products for a better, cleaner life. From diapers to wipes, skincare to cleaning, we’re pioneering new ways of making babycare that put our babies and their futures first.

      Our Commitment

      Babycare for a Brighter Tomorrow

      We’re committed to changing diapers and everything baby, because we know that it is up to us to realize a future that we’re proud to give to our children. We believe that responsibility and innovation are the keys to a cleaner world for the generations to come, and we’re working hand in hand with leaders around the world to make change. 

      Father (Ricky) with Toddler
      Father (Ricky) with Toddler

        Development Demystified

        Along their own parenting journey, our Founders Shazi and Joe have assembled insights from a community of world-class brilliant minds at the forefront of science and thought leadership around baby’s brain development. With groundbreaking discoveries happening every day in the scientific community, we are committed to providing resources and voices new parents can trust, and feel it’s our obligation to share their knowledge with families everywhere.

        Healthynest-210616-Look 14-2898
        Healthynest-210616-Look 14-2898
          Our Founding Story

          To do big things, you have to dream big

          We are relentlessly dedicated to the neurological well-being of our own children and want to share everything we’ve learned along the way so that your baby and your family can be happy, healthy, and connected.

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