Meet Hilary Swank, our Chief Innovation Officer

New mom of twins, entrepreneur, activist and 2-time Academy Award winning actor.


My Favorite Products

EWG Verified Diapers:  These are the only diaper I trust because they have a real certification that creates a new standard within the diaper category.   

Wipes: 100% water & plant-based ingredients, and they are bigger than the average wipes so you can use fewer to do a diaper change.

Prenatal T4: As a longtime health nut who believes in self-care, I have felt the nutritional need post delivery to be immense, keeping up my energy to care for the twins and continuing working in my many passions. The 4th trimester is such a sacred time when we need to heal, replenish and nurture our own bodies as we are nurturing our babies. I couldn’t be more proud to see everything in HealthyBaby’s Trimester 4. It’s beyond amazing.

Our Cream and Balm Duo: This moisturizing cream is magical!  It is thick and smells amazing from the calendula. It also helped clear up my twins’ rash in 24 hours.  The balm is made with organic coconut oil that restores my babies’ skin.   I love they are both EWG Verified and MADE SAFE.

Healthynest-210616-Look 05-1065 5
Healthynest-210616-Look 05-1065 5

Hilary joins HealthyBaby as our Chief Innovation Officer to co-create products to improve developmental health from preconception to pre-K. She is a friend and partner to our founder Shazi Visram in bringing the safest and highest quality babycare essentials available to as many families as possible. She is thrilled to bring her experience as an entrepreneur and a new mom to create new products that truly support and knowledge that enriches the lives of our little ones.

Hilary Swank Chief Innovation Officer
Hilary Swank Chief Innovation Officer

How I Found This Amazing Brand

“I want the absolute best for my twins, and the research led me to HealthyBaby. Discovering a brand so deeply committed to the developmental well-being of our little ones in such a thoughtful way was a game-changer.  I’m thrilled to partner with Shazi and HealthyBaby to contribute to a future where safety, care, and boundless possibilities are available for everyone.”

hilary - image block 3 mobile
hilary - image block 3 mobile

Getting Rid of Plastic

"My dream is to take plastic out of babycare essentials and out of babies' environment.  I love that HealthyBaby is an EWG-Verified Safe and Plastic Neutral brand.  That means that we are taking our commitment to safety and sustainability to the next level.  I’ll be partnering with the brand to increase these commitments even more.

Motherhood is an incredible and life-changing journey. I want to celebrate all moms and parents as the superheroes that they are. I believe we need deeper connections with each other and know that we're not alone in our journey, it’s hard at times for all of us. We’re here to support each other and recognize that we’re all doing the best we can – and that our love for our children and setting them up to become their highest and best selves is what matters the most."

Family Photo
Family Photo

Brain-building Activities

One of the reasons I fell in love with HealthBaby is all of the proactive enrichment activities. This is a brand that truly cares about helping to guide parents on how to build meaningful connections with our babies. It’s such an important daily reminder that our love builds baby’s brain, and these are the years of connection and brain development. 

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